Beginners Gymnastics  |  Girls & Boys Recreational Gymnastics  |  Nadia Gym Camp


Beginners follow an introductory all inclusive gymnastics programme which allows for individual differences. Children are challenged physically and mentally as they develop motor, physical, cognitive and social qualities through age appropriate activities in a safe interactive environment. Fun activities and games are used to introduce and develop basic skills.

Girls and Boys Class Times
Monday 4.30-5.30pm | Tuesday 3.30-4.30pm | Thursday 3.30-4.30pm | Friday 4.30-5.30pm | Saturday 3.00-4.00pm | Sunday 10:00-11:00am

Training Fees: Nadia Gym Annual Membership €40.00, Monthly payment €30.00/€37.50

Girls and Boys Recreational Gymnastics

On completing the beginners programme gymnasts transition to recreational classes where they continue to explore the wonderful world of gymnastics, developing skills and physical qualities through a variety of challenging and enjoyable activities. Participation in the gymnastics programme will enhance physical and mental well being and skills learned can be adapted easily to other sports at a later stage.

Class Times
Tuesday 4.15-5.45pm | Wednesday 4.15-5.45pm | Thursday 4.15-5.45pm | Saturday 4-5.30pm | Sunday 11-12.30pm
Training Fees: Nadia Gym Annual Membership €40.00, Monthly payment €36.00/€45.00


Nadia Gym Camp

In the summer there are gym camps available to suit recreational gymnasts.

Recreational: A fun gymnastics program addressing all areas of physical fitness.

Full week Monday to Friday
3 day week (Mon,Wed,Friday)
Pre-school – 2 hours each day

Pre school: An active start for young children exploring the wonderful world of gymnastics.