All Fees

  • All fees must be paid by the specified payment dates
  • The appropriate training fee will only be accepted in a sealed dated envelope stating:

Child’s full name
Amount enclosed
Month to which it refers e.g. Nov. payment
Class day and time e.g. Thurs. 4.30 class (not required for children attending more than once a week)

  • Envelopes are kept as proof of payment, receipts are not issued unless requested
  • All correctly labelled envelopes received by the due payment date will be entered into a monthly draw for free fees the following month
  • Missed classes are non-refundable
  • In the interest of proper planning and effective training missed classes cannot be made up on alternate days
  • Family concession: The third and subsequent children in a family are charged at half price

Training Fees – Recreational Monthly Payment Schedule 2018-2019

  • Recreational fees will vary from month to month depending on how many training days are in the month
  • The monthly payment is based on a rate of: €7.50 per class for I hour classes | €9.00 per class for 1.5 hour classes
  • A payment schedule is issued to every member at registration detailing:

the monthly payments
payment dates
number of training days per month
membership fees
gym closures
payment method

This information is also posted on the notice board

Training Fees – Competition Squad Monthly Payment Schedule

The cost of training between Monday 8th September 2018 and Saturday the 29th June 2019 has been divided into ten equal monthly payments.  The appropriate monthly payment in relation to weekly hours is listed below. (This allows for 2 weeks holiday, one at Christmas & one at Easter, Payment for 42 weeks over a 44 week period).