Membership Form

Membership forms are issued on initial registration and kept on file, it is important that you notify us of any changes thereafter

  • Membership is only valid if we have an accurate membership form on file


Communications or reminders regarding missing membership forms, fees, late payments will be made by text.

Code of Behaviour

  • At all times persons must be respectful and courteous to staff and each other
  • Persons must treat the premises with care


  • It is important that your child begins the class in a calm focused manner and is not rushing through the door at the last minute
  • All classes begin with warm up activities, not only to improve flexibility strength and co-ordination but also for safe participation in the class. Please make every effort to be on time

Regular Attendance

  • Regular attendance is essential for progress
  • Membership will lapse if there is a missing monthly fee
  • In the event of injury or ill health a medical absence form needs to be submitted to maintain membership (forms available in the lobby)

Positive work environment

  • Reward systems are in place to encourage and motivate your child
  • A progressive and developmental club award scheme with achievable goals is in place to challenge children of all abilities. Badges and Certificates will be presented to gymnasts on completion of each award
  • All gymnasts are invited to participate in our annual display
  • Awards are presented at our display for; effort, progress, listening, artistry, sportsmanship, leadership and achievement
  • Competitive gymnasts are entered into the Gymnastics Ireland competition structure at the appropriate level

Medical Issues

  • An accurate medical history is required on registration
  • Injuries/aches and pains must always be reported to the staff on duty immediately
  • Inhalers must be clearly marked with the child’s name; they should be handed to the coach in charge of the class at the beginning of the lesson for safekeeping and collected again at the end


  • Rules must be observed in the interest of safety
  • Parents and other family members are not permitted inside the gymnasium with the exception of birthday parties
  • It is the parents or guardians responsibility to ensure the safe entry and exit of their children from the car park to the facility and vice versa. Please collect your child on time
  • No glass bottles are allowed on the premises
  • Gymnasts must assemble in the lobby prior to class until entry into the gym is permitted by a member of staff

Healthy Eating

  • Club members are discouraged from eating sweets, chocolate and crisps
  • Club members are not allowed fizzy drinks. Water or unsweetened fruit juice is recommended

Gym for All

We provide a variety of recreational and competitive gymnastics programmes to suit all ages

Recreational: Pre School Gymnastics, Beginners Gymnastics, Recreational Gymnastics, Gym Camps

Competitive: Children are grouped in the appropriate competition squad according to age, ability and training hours and attend classes accordingly. Competitive gymnasts follow an all year round training programme. Some flexibility is allowed during summer training

High Performance Gymnasts: are selected from our competition squads and follow a dedicated year round training plan and lifestyle

Viewing Gallery

In the interest of; safety, effective coaching and maintaining a constructive working environment parents are not allowed to use the viewing gallery during class times.

Our annual Gymnastics Display which takes place in June is an opportunity to observe your child in action.


  • No food or drink is allowed in the gymnasium at any time
  • Chewing gum is not allowed on the premises
  • Children should not share water bottles
  • Litter must be discarded in the bins provided


  • Children should wear comfortable clothing to allow freedom of movement whilst at the same time not being open, loose or floppy for safety reasons. Jeans are not suitable
  • Leotards are compulsory for all girls doing gymnastics (a swimming costume is acceptable for beginners). Gymnasts may wear leggings or shorties with their leotard but not tracksuit bottoms
  • Long hair must be tied back and jewellery is not allowed to be worn, with the exception of stud ear rings
  • Children may wear socks or be barefoot during training, no footwear permitted
  • Articles of clothing must not be left around the gym during training
  • Bar accessories must be kept in a gym bag and not left lying around the gym during training
  • All competitive gymnasts will require a club tracksuit for competition

Level 1 gymnasts will be loaned the level 1 leotard as required, a charge of €5.00 will be applied to cover admin and laundry costs

Level 2 gymnasts and above require the club competition leotard and a drawstring gym bag for competitions

The club tracksuit, competition leotard, t-shirts, hoodies and bags as well as an assortment of long and short sleeved leotards are available from the gym along with other gymnastic attire and accessories.

Personal Property

  • Nadia Gym cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen items; it is advisable not to leave valuables in the changing rooms
  • There is a lost property box in the lobby. At the end of each day any items left in the gymnasium or changing rooms will be deposited there to be reclaimed. Please note that the box will be emptied at the end of each month

Social Media and Texting Guidelines

  • Nadia gym uses social media to promote the club and transmit information
  • General information regarding the club will be transmitted through our FaceBook Page and this website
  • Personal phone calls, texting, e mailing, social media contacts e.g.: FaceBook/Twitter between gymnasts and coaches is not allowed
  • Communication regarding a gymnast will always be made directly to parent/guardian
  • Communication/reminders re fees, late payments, membership, etc., will be made by text
  • Gymnasts are not permitted to put photographs taken anywhere on the premises on social media
  • Gymnasts are not allowed to put photographs of others on the internet without permission
  • Gymnasts are not allowed to share information about other people on social media

Children’s Officers

  • Theresa Doherty and Patricia Doherty are the clubs children’s officers, the link between the children and adults in the club

Gym Landline

  • In the event of you needing to contact us whilst your child is in training please leave it till the last 15 minutes before their class finishes as this is the only time the phone will be answered once class is in progress


  • Make an appointment if you wish to discuss your child’s progress

Enrolment for beginners

  • Throughout September and then the beginning of October, November, January and March
  • In the interest of proper planning gymnasts are asked to confirm their training schedule by the end of June for the following season

Discontinuing Classes

  • Please let us know if you are discontinuing your training

Policies: Competitive

To be read in conjunction with policies at Nadia Gym.

  • Girls that display a flair for gymnastics are offered a competitive training option which has specific training days and times; each squad has a comprehensive and developmental training plan
  • Gymnasts are prepared both physically and mentally for competition
  • Gymnasts are taught the rules of competition and encouraged to abide by them
  • Gymnasts are encouraged to respect official’s and their decisions
  • An awareness and appreciation for volunteers, coaches and club officials is nurtured
  • Parents play an important role in supporting their children and developing a healthy attitude to competition; approval should be given for effort as well as victory
  • Communication is important between coaches, gymnasts and parents
  • Coaches and parents must work together in the best interest of the gymnasts
  • Information regarding national competition will be posted on the notice board
  • There will be an information evening ‘Preparing for competition’ in October (Date & time, to be decided). Information about the competition structure and calendar will be given. The needs of your child in terms of  healthy eating, rest, stress etc., will also be discussed. There will also be an opportunity for you to ask questions and meet other parents
  • Gymnastics Ireland offers a developmental competition structure through which gymnasts can progress at their own pace
  • Gymnasts enter the competition structure at the level appropriate to their skill and this will be at the discretion of their coach
  • The levels structure provides a pathway for talented and dedicated gymnasts to be selected onto high performance squads and international competition
  • Gymnastics Ireland requires a number of volunteers, usually 2 per club to assist at national competition and entry to the competition is dependent on the club fulfilling this requirement or paying a €200 fine, your assistance therefore will be appreciated
  • Information regarding national competition is posted on the notice board when received
  • Late entry fines are charged by GI so it is essential that entries are confirmed by the closing date
  • Entry fees are not refunded by GI if your child doesn’t compete